Get That “Wrought Iron Railing Look” For Less

As far as railings go, wrought iron railing is seen as the epitome of class, the height of of elegance. Solid, sturdy and durable, this railing system appeals to many. However, for all of the benefits a wrought iron railing provides, there are just as many disadvantages. In fact, for the price tag, it's just not worth it. Today, there are railings available that look identical to authentic wrought iron railing fences. The best option of course, is a maintenance-free aluminum railing from Arabian Railing, that is fashioned in a wrought iron railing style.

Purchasing a faux wrought iron railing for your stair railings or outdoor fencing gives you that decorative, luxurious look but with so many added benefits. For starters, with an aluminum railing, you won't have to worry about rust or the maintenance that comes with a wrought iron railing. Wrought iron railing imitations in the form of an aluminum railing are very light weight, which make them easy to install or replace when the time comes (and it won't for quite a few years). Not to mention they are made of recycled materials, making them very eco-friendly.

Most importantly, though, our maintenance free imitation wrought iron railing options are versatile. A regular wrought iron railing can only be installed on a level or even terrain. This is where aluminum maintenance free railings reign supreme. Our wrought iron railing imitations are beautiful and practical, perfect for handrails for outdoor steps and sloped yards. Customers often opt for our low-maintenance railing options for deck railings, pool area fencing and general yard fencing, among other uses.

The Arabian Railings inventory of faux wrought iron railing offers a diversity of options as far as colors and styles go. With three distinct aluminum railing styles, the Hampton, Trenton and Somerset, you can achieve the wrought iron railing style you envision in your outdoor space.

The Hampton maintenance-free railing features a hammered square style, reminiscent of a classic wrought iron railing. Arabian Railings' Trenton option alternates the hammered square and regular style, for a unique, modern look. Lastly, our Somerset railing boasts the classic square railing look. All of our railing styles make for perfect deck railings, porch railings and backyard fencing. Additionally, we offer a selection of colors including kona, bronze, black, white and brownstone.

With so many maintenance-free railing options that are affordable, versatile, durable and luxurious looking, why bother with an old-school wrought iron railing? Choose a maintenance free railing. Choose Arabian Railing.

If you have any questions about our imitation wrought iron railing options, feel free to reach out to us at 610-584-6710!