Do you have all the parts required to build your new Arabian Aluminum Railing?

Level Sections - 6' x 36" or 8 x 36" level railing sections
Stair Sections - 6' x 36" or 8' x 36" stair railing sections
Posts (There are two types of posts, one with a welded flange and one without. If purchasing the post without a welded flange, you will need to purchase a Fracket,for concrete installations, or a post bracket for wood or concrete installations.)
          Fracket or Post Bracket
Post Caps - You will need one for every post, flat and ball caps available.
Trim Rings - You will need one for every post.

Installation Instructions

(Assemble the sections on cardboard or rug to prevent scratching.)

(Level Railing and Step Railing) Please Read These Instructions Carefully

Step 1: To cut the railing so that there is an equal amount (approximate) removed from each side do the following.

Following these instructions will center the balusters within the posts.

Step 1 (1). Measure the distance between the posts for each section.
Step 1 (2). Subtract that amount plus ¼” from the length of the railing section.
Step 1 (3). Divide the result of Step 1 (2) by two.
Step 1 (4). Measure in from one end of the railing the amount of Step 1 (3) and remove(cut ) the excess.
Step 1 (5). From the cut at Step 1 (4) measure the amount of Step 1 (1) on theremaining railing and remove the excess.

Note: Pay attention to which side of the line (mark) that you cut on.

Step #2: Insert all balusters into bottom routed rail. Take top routed rail and line upbalusters and insert 1 baluster at a time

Note: for ease of installation, angle rail on 20° angle

Step #3: Insert all mounting brackets over end of rails. Position section between posts. Place 2" blocks under section at each end. Fasten mounting brackets to posts with theflat head screws.

Step #4: Drill ¼” hole in side of mounting bracket for expansion and contraction andcenter the pan head screws to fasten the rails to the brackets.

Parts List (Included in each boxed section)
1- Top routed Rail w/channel
1- Bottom rail routed w/channel
2- Top mounting brackets w/screws (regular section)
2- Bottom mounting brackets w/screws (regular section)
4- Step rail brackets w/screws (step section)
Appropriate quantity of balusters provided