Top 4 Benefits of a Maintenance Free Railing

When you have the freedom to choose the look of your outdoor space, it can sometimes feel like too much freedom. Choosing the right railing for decks, patios, outdoor staircases or enclosing a backyard can feel like an overwhelming task in and of itself. However, narrowing your search down to a maintenance free railing will certainly make the selection process easier. In fact, in the long run, a maintenance free railing will make your life easier in general!

From financial to aesthetic, maintenance free railing options provide many benefits for homeowners. We compiled the top 4 reasons you should opt for a maintenance free railing for your next fence, staircase or deck.

#1 Zero Maintenance

This one might seem self-explanatory thanks to the name “maintenance free railing,” but it's important to know the true meaning. Some maintenance free railing options, such as regular aluminum, will require a tiny bit of upkeep on the rare occasion. This mostly pertains to painting and cleaning.

However, there are specific kinds of maintenance free railing options that require zero maintenance whatsoever. If you're in the market for this kind of railing, go with the powder coated aluminum maintenance free railing. Only on occasion will it be in need of a quick cleaning.

#2 Low Cost

Choosing a maintenance free railing will cost you far less than choosing iron or steel, and you won't have to worry about fending off rust. If iron and steel are the looks you're into though, Heritage Fence Co. Arabian Railing offers aluminum maintenance free railing options in styles similar to those two costly, maintenance heavy options.

It's true that maintenance free railing does cost more than wood, but it's more or less a one time payment. Wood, similar to iron and steel, requires quite the upkeep. This costs you time. In the end, wood must be replaced far more often, which costs you more money in the long run. Your best investment in terms of railings is an aluminum maintenance free railing.

#3 Durability

Living up to the “maintenance free” name, these maintenance free railings are highly durable. No rust, rot, mold or insect infestations—sounds too good to be true! However, it's just simply the truth. Maintenance free railing options are weather proof, making them perfect for houses down the shore. They're also great for property near lakes, swamps, in humid climates, etc. The surface of an aluminum maintenance free railing is immune to superficial damage like scratches, as well as surface impact.

#4 Aesthetics & Options

With a maintenance free railing, your outdoor space will look sleek no matter what you choose. We offer a variety of designs, patterns and colors. A maintenance free railing will smoothly assimilate to the look of your property, while simultaneously giving it a unique, clean look.

Bonus: When choosing the right maintenance free railing for your property, there are a two aesthetic related things you must consider.

  1. Choose a maintenance free railing with an architectural finish that complements your home, not just any color or pattern under the sun.
  2. Consider the size of the space you'll be fencing in with your maintenance free railing to figure out what size pickets and posts you'll want to select.

We are your one stop shop for all of your maintenance free railing needs. For more information or help making your choice, call us at 610-584-6710!