Good Choices Make for Great Outdoor Spaces: The Benefits of a Low Maintenance Railing

It's becoming clearer and clearer that a low maintenance railing is the best choice for consumers today. There are many reasons a low maintenance railing is the best option for your outdoor space, and it starts with the statistics. The North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) found that the demand for residential exterior railings is a $2 billion per year industry. This is projected to grow by more than 12% in the next two years. That being said, they found that low maintenance railings are poised to take serious market share from wood railings. Consumers are opting to upgrade to a low maintenance railing for numerous reasons.

The most obvious reason consumers are switching to a low maintenance railing for their outdoor needs, is that it's exactly that, little to no maintenance. A low maintenance railing eliminates the need for repainting, re-staining, replacing or any other kind of costly and time consuming care. It really only requires the occasional cleaning. A low maintenance railing means one less item on your yard work to-do list! And who wouldn't love that?

The main reason why a low maintenance railing option requires such little TLC is that it is highly durable. Typically made of aluminum, these railings repel corrosion and rust. It's just about as weather-resistant as you can get, as far as low maintenance decking, fencing and hand railing materials go. Meanwhile, most other outdoor railing materials fall prey to rain, wind, snow and even UV rays.

Another important factor that drives people to opt for a low maintenance railing is that it is sleek and aesthetically pleasing. At Arabian railing, we provide outdoor railings in numerous colors and styles. There is something in our low maintenance railing inventory for everyone and every yard!

We offer a regular, square style low maintenance railing known as the Somerset railing. We also offer the Trenton style, which alternates square and twisted railings. Lastly, we offer the Hampton low maintenance railing which is a hammered style. Each one comes in a few different colors that will match or accentuate any outdoor space.

Lastly, a low maintenance railing is cost-effective. It is much cheaper than the iron or steel railing options. While it is more expensive than wood initially, it will pay off in the long run because it requires almost no maintenance. Whether for stair railings, deck railings or fencing, the advantages of a one time investment in a low maintenance railing will pay off for your property.

Please continue to browse our site to explore the low maintenance railing options we offer our customers. If you have any questions about our low maintenance railings, feel free to call us at 610-584-6710!