Why a Light Weight Railing is The Strongest Choice for Your Outdoor Space

When people picture railings, particularly in reference to fixtures for their yards, decks, stairs and porches, they often picture something strong and sturdy. There's no point in investing in a flimsy fence, you'll just as soon have to replace it, wasting money and time.

We understand then, why the concept of a light weight railing might seem counter-intuitive. Rest assured, when looking for a sturdy solution, the light weight railing options offered at Arabian Railing are perhaps the most durable.

Made of aluminum, the light weight railing has been taking the railing industry by storm. Aluminum is abundant, and an eco-friendly material (our railings are made from strong, recycled materials). It's projected that the use and availability of aluminum railings is only going to increase in the coming years. This is mostly due to the desires of consumers. Homeowners and property developers alike are opting for the light weight railing for three main reasons, its practicality, price and looks.

#1 It's Highly Practical

The most obvious aspect of practicality in a light weight railing is of course, the weight (or lack there of). Easy to install, this option is virtually hassle free when working to put it in place. It's also hassle free in terms of maintenance. A light weight railing is typically maintenance free or low maintenance. It only requires the occasional cleaning.

As briefly mentioned earlier, an aluminum light weight railing is highly durable. Due to anodization of the aluminum, these light weight railings are resistant to corrosion and rust. It lasts longer than many of the other materials you would use for outdoor deck railings and other outdoor fixtures.

Also, you can use a light weight railing in sloped yards, whereas a wrought iron railing requires a flat surface. You get more flexibility.

#2 It's Economical

In the grand scheme of things, a light weight railing from Arabian railing is a very economical investment. It is a low cost fencing option. You get that wrought iron railing look for a much cheaper price, and it lasts much longer.

While a light weight railing is initially more expensive than wood (another popular railing choice), it is a one time investment. No need to repaint, re-stain or replace frequently. There is no chance of rot, or damage from the snow, rain or UV rays, as there is with wood.

#3 It's a Looker

The anodization of aluminum also allows for dying of the light weight railing material. This provides our customers with numerous choices in the color of their pool fencing, deck railings, step railings, etc. Also, PVC coating or powder coating used for durability on a light weight railing adds beauty to an otherwise plain railing.

As a long lasting, beautiful outdoor fixture at such a reasonable price, it's no wonder the light weight railing is popping up in yards all across America. For amazing options on stair railings, deck railings and fencing, look to Arabian Railing. Browse our site, and give us a call at 610-584-6710!