Arabian Hampton Railing Stair Section

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Dependable, maintenance free, and stunning are only a few words used to describe Hampton aluminum stair railings. All Arabian Railing stair sections are designed to use on inclines, and come with all of the hardware needed to easily assemble your new railing.

Arabian outdoor stair railings from are tested in accordance with the IBC 200, International Building Code and the IRC 2003, International Residential Code, and meet or exceed the ICC/AC 174 (July 2006) Code requirements for one- and two-story family dwellings. Hampton stair railings come in two sizes - 6ft long 36in high and 8ft long 36in high. Stair railings can accommodate pitches from 32 to 36 degrees.

These exterior stair railings have a heavy walled, powder coated finish. In addition, the bottom rail comes with a drain that allows any moisture to escape. Arabian Railings, including Hampton stair sections, from come with a lifetime warranty. 

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