Towering Over the Competition: Aluminum Railing Fences

All materials are not created equal, and that is especially applicable to choosing the right railing for your outdoor space. Whether it's your porch, deck, patio or yard that you need to fence off, aluminum railing is hands down the best possible choice. Aluminum railing leads the pack in terms of quality and overall benefits to your property.

Aluminum railing fences are versatile, durable, affordable and aesthetically pleasing. This low-maintenance railing material is environmentally friendly, as many companies offer aluminum railing options comprised of recycled materials. Not to worry, this sustainable option doesn't sacrifice quality or strength. See how aluminum railing stacks up against other popular forms of fencing below!

Aluminum Railing vs. Wood:

While wood fencing offers a more natural look, it is highly susceptible to rot. This means that every few years you will have to repaint it, making it a high-maintenance railing option. Additionally, your wood fence would most likely need to be treated with chemicals to provide it with some semblance of protection against the elements. On the other hand, an aluminum railing fence does not require any chemical treatment. Also, an aluminum railing is low-maintenance, or in many cases maintenance-free, as far as preserving its appearance and structure goes.

Aluminum Railing vs. Vinyl:

Vinyl is highly susceptible to the elements. Extreme temperatures in both summer and winter can cause excessive shrinking or expansion of it. This change in size can deteriorate the material of your vinyl fencing just a few years after initial installation. Aesthetically, vinyl is easily damaged by UV radiation. UV rays cause fading and cracking in the material of vinyl fencing. Aluminum railing has an extremely low expansion and shrinkage rate. Also, a powder coated aluminum railing will be more resistant to UV rays than vinyl. Overall, Mother Nature's elements rarely effect the structure or aesthetics of an aluminum railing.

Aluminum Railing vs. Steel:

Many people believe steel is a sturdy, safe and durable option for their fencing needs. However, it's not as durable as you'd think. You have to repaint it every few years, while as previously stated, an aluminum railing does not need repainting. Steel is also very difficult to transport and handle, and is highly inflexible where installation is concerned. It requires special tools for installation, like cutting torches and special grinders. With an aluminum railing, you can easily and smoothly install the style of your choice. Our aluminum railing options fit any style of porch or deck and any size, shape or slope of yard. Steel also gives way to rust and is actually a costly fencing option.

For the lowest possible maintenance, or none at all, on your outdoor fencing needs, choose an aluminum railing. The benefits far outweigh those of other materials. We offer a few different styles of aluminum railing options, including: